Youth Development

youthOur emerging workforce is incredibly important to our current and future economy and community. At the same time the challenges faced by teens and young adults continue to become more complex and challenging. This reality led to the establishment of the North Shore Youth Career Center, now located at 117 Franklin Street in Lynn through which all these programs operate.

We strive to ensure that each youth receives the services they need to move successfully into the labor market, and to move forward with their education and work experience into solid and informed career choices. Below is a summary of youth services provided by the North Shore WIB and the North Shore Career Centers.


F1rstJobs is the North Shore WIB Summer Jobs initiative, which began in 2005, and was a response to the incredible demand for summer jobs on the part of students, their families, and educators. Through F1rstJobs, teens receive training on how to find, get, and keep a job. Companies are asked to hire teens – or to provide financial support for a teen to work in a non-profit organization. These jobs and funds are combined with other resources (such as YouthWorks) to provide a substantial pool to which teens who have gone through the workshops are referred for interview.

  • Companies interested in hiring youth should contact Bob Fraizer or fill out a job order form
  • Youth interested in receiving assistance with summer jobs can fill out the F1rstJobs application or visit the North Shore Youth Career Center

Learn more about First Jobs

Amp It Up

Amp It Up strives to bring schools and manufacturing companies together to help middle and high school students understand the career opportunities available in STEM and Manufacturing fields and to increase the number of students who choose careers in these areas. Through Amp It Up, middle or high school teachers spend one day at a company, to draw connections between what educators are teaching and how it is used in real life. Teachers also receive professional development with a consultant, reviewing their curriculum, exploring its possible use in manufacturing, and then, based on their experiences, build classroom activities and lesson plans that bring the curriculum alive for students.

Learn more about AMP it up!

Labor Market Data Targeted to Youth 

The NSWIB has developed labor market data information that is targeted specifically to youth, recognizing the need to communicate effectively and efficiently the wonderful, yet complicated opportunities available to youth if they stay and do well in school and simultaneously have positive first and second work experiences. Examples of our LMI documents include a Youth Labor Market Blue PrintNon-Traditional Jobs data, STEM Industry Profiles and a NSWIB Youth Life Sciences brochure .


YouthWorks (funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) places low income teens in part time subsidized jobs in local public and non-profit organizations across the region. Youth also receive intensive training and other supports to remain successfully employed, and to prepare for unsubsidized employment in the private sector, the ultimate goal of the program. The program requires that 90% of students must reside in Lynn, Salem, or Peabody, which are our Gateway Cities with higher level of poverty. The remaining slots can be used in any of our communities.

All enrolled students receive work experience of 10-20 hours per week at minimum wage, as well as 15 hours of workshops and training in topics such as OSHA/Workplace Safety, Financial Management, Interviewing Skills, Dress for Success , and Workplace Etiquette/Keeping a Job, which are all part of Commonwealth Corporation’s job readiness curriculum “Signal Success”.

Connecting Activities

The Connecting Activities grant is part of the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education School to Career Program.  Our staff work in the schools, serving the most needy North Shore students.  Each year we serve approximately 330 students through workshops, interest assessments, career readiness assessment and training using Career Readiness 101, labor market discussion, job fairs, and job placement assistance and support.

Schools interested in learning more about Connecting Activities services can join the network. Or contact Katie Crowder at 978-741-3805

North Shore Youth Career Center

117 Franklin Street
Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: 781-691-7435
Fax: 781-691-7431
Walk in hours: 12:00 pm -5:00pm

Year Round Services

  • Work experience in the summer and school year
  • Tutoring and academic help
  • Mentoring
  • Occupational training
  • Counseling and case management
  • Community Service opportunities
  • Leadership Development
  • Support Services
  • Alternative Education Services
  • Follow-up

WIOA Youth

The US Department of Labor, through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, provides funding to support intensive workforce development activities for teens living below the poverty level and facing additional barriers to employment, including teen parents, youthful offenders, teens below grade level, drop outs, and others. Teens in these program received access to 10 youth services including Tutoring, Study skills training, and instruction-leading to completion of secondary school, including dropout prevention strategies, Work Experience, Alternative Secondary School Services, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Supportive Services, Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling, Summer Employment, and Occupational Skills Training and 12 months of Follow Up Services.



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