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Amp It Up is a programs to introduce Advanced Manufacturing and STEM to middle and high school students, help them see how their course work is applied in these industries, increase their science and math interest and skills, perform better on MCAS and standardized testing, and potentially consider Advanced Manufacturing and STEM as a career option.

The North Shore WIB matched local area high school teachers with advanced manufacturers for day long externships to show the practical application of math and science in the work place. The teachers and schools will then develop classroom activities and curriculum relating to this experience. Teachers must also agree to attend two half day curriculum development sessions at Salem State University.

Amp It Up Summary
Previously Participating AMP it up! Companies

Sample Lesson Plans Created Through AMP it up!

Beverly High School

2016 Applied Materials
2016 Cell Signaling Technologies

Catholic Charities
2016 General Electric

Danvers High School

2015 Medtronic3

Peabody Middle School
2013 Analogic 1
2013 Analogic 2

Peabody Learning Academy
2015 Medtronic 1

Peabody High School

2016 Medtronic 1
2016 Medtronic 2

Gloucester High School
2013 Applied Materials
2015 Medtronic 2
2015 CellSignaling

Manchester-Essex Regional High School
2013 Bomco

Lynn English High School
2015 Medtronic4
2015 Microline Surgical
2016 Microline Surgical 1
2016 Microline Surgical 2

Lynn Vocational Technical High school
2013 Axcelis (PowerPoint presentation)

Salem High School
2013 General Electric 1
2013 General Electric 2
2013 General Electric 3
2013 General Electric 4
2015 ThriveBioscience

Extended Unemployment Coverage Summary Tables

Extended Unemployment Coverage Summary Tables

Age & Education Comparisons
Mature Worker Subset
Health Care Transformation Presentation
Mass WIB Association Meeting December 12, 2012
North Shore Labor Market Update Presentation
North Shore WIB Board January 10, 2013

Northeast Youth Summit March 19, 2009 Data
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Labor Market Developments in the North Shore Area – Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, May 14, 2008
NSWIB_Blueprint_CoverNorth Shore WIB 2015 Cover The Blueprint and Economic Snapshot is the WIB’s seminal research project. These two documents provide an analysis of the North Shore labor market and economic conditions.
 The Youth Blueprint focuses on labor market information and career pathways specific to our emerging workforce.
2015 LMBP Brief

Our Labor Market Blueprint in short form



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