Northeast Energy Sector Training Partnership – Legacy Program

renewable-energyIn association with the Massachusetts State Energy Sector Partnership (MA-SESP), NESP was a partnership of three MA workforce investment boards and one-stop career centers; businesses in the renewable energy/energy efficiency RE/EE field; three community colleges; and labor representatives.

The partnership and grant created an integrated system of education and training that promoted skill attainment and developed career pathway benefiting both business and workers in the RE/EE sector.

NESP Supported Training

With funds originating at the US Department of Labor, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, this grant worked to support training for the North Shore, Greater Lowell, and Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board regions’ unemployed, underemployed, incumbent workers and companies in energy efficient building, construction and retrofit, renewable electric power, biofuels, energy efficiency assessment, sustainable manufacturing, environmental protection and green construction.

Our Shared Objectives Achieved:

  • Building upon our commonalities as regions comprising an array of urban and suburban centers that created training and employment opportunities that avoid duplication, created economies of scale, provided access and mobility through career ladders for dislocated, disadvantaged, and incumbent workers, and helped small and large businesses to flourish.
  • Continued development and support (through workforce training) of current and emerging businesses in green building, biofuels, and industries that clean and enhance the environment, while capitalizing on unique strengths of our regions in the area of precision manufacturing and agriculture/forestry.

Guideded By Green Ethos

The partnership was guided by long-established “green ethos” in our region which went beyond a narrow focus on clean energy or green jobs alone, to embrace the concept of a green economy in which the interconnectedness of good jobs, sustainable business, and healthy communities was recognized.

The NESP Goal

The NESP program brought businesses, workforce development organizations and educators together with local residents to provide critical occupational training and opportunities to enter the clean/green industry and support and build our regional economy. The program worked with over 200 individuals over two years in securing both employment as well as enhancing their skills.

For More Information, Contact:

North Shore WIB Office
(978) 741-3805

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