North Shore Healthcare Partnership – Legacy Program

nscommcollegeThe North Shore Healthcare Skills Partnership accomplished the following three objectives during the grant timeframe and beyond. (1) build upon an existing healthcare partnership in our region that will focused on career pathways for working adults in the healthcare field (2) enrollment of participants (both incumbent workers as well as people new to the industry into healthcare related certificate programs at North Shore Community College, and (3) the design and implementation of two new health care learning opportunities that strengthen certificate learning and easing the transition to degree programs for certificate holders, including a combined Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)/Medical Assistant certificate program that provides a skilled Clinical Associate to local acute care facilities, and an enhanced LPN course that provides a higher skilled nurse to local extended care facilities.

North Shore Community College Healthcare Certificate Courses 

These enhanced programs encouraged the concept of “stackable credits” within the healthcare curricula at North Shore Community College. In addition, both these certificates resulted in a higher skilled clinical staff person who is more likely to successfully enter and complete Associate Degree health care programs.

Our regional healthcare partnership involved multiple employers in both the acute and long-term care industry on the North Shore as well as our one stop career center and local community college. Past efforts amongst many of the partners include very targeted projects addressing the skills gap that is involved with creating career pathways within the healthcare industry.

Our partnership enrolled participants within certificate based programs at North Shore Community College that will include certified Nurse Aide, surgical tech, certified medical assistant, gerontology activity specialist, and medical billing. These certificate based programs have been identified through surveys of our employer partners as being in-demand occupations at their facilities. These participants will be recruited from food service, environmental service, and transportation as a way of recruiting and building career pathways for entry-level employees. In addition, the Career Centers will recruit from among the unemployed and dislocated worker populations on the North Shore.

Through discussions with the employers and North Shore Community College through this grant we designed and implemented an enhanced CNA certificate based program addressing the needs of our employers. A position that is requiring more technical and enhanced skill sets that need to be addressed through the merging of more technical patient related programming.

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