F1rst Jobs

Summer Employment Initiative for teens on the North Shore

F1rstJobs provides first-time employment opportunities for teens during July and August. In 2014 we began using an expanded 15 hour job readiness curriculum “Signal Success” for all youth who participate in the program. This new curriculum was piloted Statewide in Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities to reinforce job readiness skills for youth who are starting their first job.  This will provide the youth not only a  summer employment experience, but also the important skills they need to enter the workforce.

As a North Shore business or non-profit/public organization, we would like to invite you to be a part of this vital initiative:

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s workforce, help teens develop career goals, and benefit the communities you work and live in.

Who are F1rstJob Youths?


17 year old Andrew worked at the North Shore Community Development Coalition (CDC) this summer as part of the STAND (Students Take Action for Neighborhood Development) program. His team worked to revitalize parts of The Point (Salem) through outdoor beautification, trash and graffiti removal and more.

He prepared for his first job by attending workshops through the North Shore Youth Career Center, and now feels more empowered to excel in school, and he is working diligently towards his career goal of becoming a chef!


Katherine, age 16, completed her summer job at North Shore Medical Center in Salem (Partners Health). . Although she had never worked, Katherine is a quick learner, and her supervisors were impressed with her maturity. Katherine spent her days checking in on patients, asking their opinions of their food and related service, and then reporting back to supervisors. Katherine was required to demonstrate professional work attire, attitude, communication and behavior. Her experience at the hospital, as well as the North Shore Youth Career Center Job Readiness Workshops, taught her about the importance of punctuality, time management, and communication.

F1rstJobs Annual Report

Here is our Final Report for F1rstJobs Report 2017 and one page summary of last years efforts. This report also includes information on our F1rstJobs efforts for the past five years.

Download Our Brochure

Want to learn more about F1rstJobsView our get involved flyer!

*Businesses who are interested in hiring or sponsoring a teen do not have to fill out the First Jobs RFP, simply fill out and submit the enrollment/sponsorhip form. Here are some sample job descriptions to help you out!

For More Information

Contact Bob Fraizer at (781) 691-7437 for more information.

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