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Online Learning Report

In an effort to improve services to One-Stop Career Center customers, the North Shore WIB has conducted a survey of several colleges and university faculty on the prevalence of online courses. Conducted in conjunction with Salem State University, Endicott Colllege, and North Shore Community College, the online learning survey sought to determine the current depth, availability, and suitability of online training for Career Center customers. The impetus for the online learning survey came from focus groups of One-Stop Career Center customers who had requested that training options be available through online or hybrid courses.

The online survey found that the role of technology is changing the delivery of services throughout higher education. Online and hybrid courses have expanded the accessibility of services and options available to students. Our survey results found that nearly every subject could be offered in an online format depending on a particular institutions offering. Student success with online learning came down to two main indicators, self-motivation and time management. With online learning, students have more responsibility for their own learning and progress compared to traditional on the ground courses. This requires students to have the motivation to continue through a course without the accountability that comes from face-to-face interaction with their professor. Time management skills become highly important as students need to manage their course work independently to meet deadlines.

A one page summary of the Online Learning Survey is available.

Click here for the full Online Learning Report

North Shore WIB Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Welcome to the North Shore Workforce Investment Board’s Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2017.  This document follows a strategic planning process begun in 2008, updated in 2012, all finding direction from current labor market information, board-led research into service patterns for job seekers and companies, surveys and discussion with partners and other stakeholders, and economic development research that looks well into the future.  The mission, vision, goals and objectives developed under the 2008 plan remain virtually the same, but the activities and benchmarks designed to reach these goals have been updated to reflect current realities. The full membership of the North Shore WIB, along with several partners, participated in the development of this Plan, and will be responsible for carrying it out.

Click Here for the Strategic Plan for 2015-2017

Healthcare Payment Reform

This presentation by Jessica Larochelle, Director of Evaluation & Strategic Initiatives explains the impact of Chapter 224 on the Healthcare industry and its workforce.


Healthcare Payment Reform Presentation – Chapter 224 >

North Shore Labor Market Brief

One stop shopping for labor market information for the North Shore for the 3rd Quarter 2013.


North Shore Labor Market Brief 2014 >

Executive Summary – FY2015 North Shore WIB Plan

Our “workforce development business plan” for the North Shore region. This is a summary of our goals for providing and improving services to our customers and business partners.


Executive Summary – FY 2015 North Shore WIB Plan >

Careers in the Life Sciences Brochure

A brochure for youth interested in learning about career opportunities available in the life science.


Careers in the Life Sciences Brochure >

Life Sciences Report for the North Shore

Our report on the current state on the life sciences industry. Learn about this innovative sector and companies with it.


Life Sciences Report for the North Shore >